Amir Cheshin – Unique tours in Jerusalem

I was born in Tel Aviv but raised in Jerusalem. My family goes back six generations in Israel. 
I attended high school in Jerusalem and got my university degree in Jerusalem, Middle Eastern Studies - History of the Middle East & Arabic, Language and Literature.
I served in the I.D.F as a career officer. My last position in the military was the I.D.F Spokesman Representative in the Jerusalem Region. 
I retired from the army with the rank of Lt. Col.
After leaving the military, I was asked by the legendary mayor of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek to join his staff as his advisor on Arab Affairs in Jerusalem.
I worked with Mr. Kollek for nine years and one year with his successor the newly-elected Mayor Ehud Olmert. This period was a great experience and a golden opportunity to learn about Jerusalem’s problems and to know much more about the Arab residents and the Palestinian communities of the city.
The tours I offer to my visitors include personal stories and personal experience which I take from my time in City Hall.
During the many years I lived and worked in the city of Jerusalem, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience which I would like to share with my visitors. 
A tour in Jerusalem, every tour, is a special fascinating journey full of interesting stories. Some will raise a smile, while others raise serious thoughts about the future of the city.